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Gorgeously heartbreaking

Like Water on Stone - Dana Walrath

This beautiful book

isn’t as fun to read.

It treats your heart like a stone

and tosses it into a lake

where it skips and skips and skips.


It’s not easy to read

you might have figured that one out

but it’s worth every moment of pain it will put you through


You see

it’s not a regular YA novel.

it is one that tells a story of immense loss

yet it also tells a story of familial love.


The author doesn’t cut back on the

gory details

believe me

I’d know.


But at the same time, she is honest

which is why this book is so heartbreaking


With its fierce characters

who continue to march on

You cannot help but fall in love

with not just with their innocent determination


You cheer for them

because they need to be cheered

Most of all though,

you hope,

you hope everything will be all right.


If you are a lover of truth and

a lover of heartbreakingly real stories

I’d say give this one a shot

and let your heart skip skip skip

over a lake of your own tears