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Dreamfire: A novel - Kit Alloway

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When I first read the blurb for this book, all I could think of was how awesome it would be to read a book that was about a secret society of dream walkers and I have to say… I was definitely let down in that department. It isn’t so much about a secret society of dream walkers as it is about the characters and the development they undergo over the course of the book. What I am trying to say is that this book was not wanted it to be but it was still a great read. I mean I did stay up until 4:30 A.M. to finish it (I am cray).

Josh is a good female lead. I refrain from saying great just because she beat herself up too much over things.She'd beat herself over the smallest things and it bothered me. I can see why she would beat herself up but she always took stretched it. It seemed as though the fact that everyone had a tendency to let her off the hook made it so that she had to be harsher on herself. I understand that but at the same time, I didn't like it.

That aside, Josh was likeable and it was easy to cheer for her considering everything she had gone through. I liked how determined she was but her best quality, at least in my opinion, was that she always apologized when she did something wrong. She would sometimes make decisions without taking into account the affect it had on other people but she ALWAYS apologized once she realized that that was wrong (and it didn't take her long to realize that). It was an admirable quality and it made it easier to like her even though she could be a little shit at times.

Will was the love interest of the book and it took me a while to warm up to him. I think it’s because he accepted everything so easily and that made it somewhat ridiculous. He walks into their house without requiring more than minimal convincing on their part. What if they were serial killers? That’s kind of scary!  I can understand his willingness to believe because the family actually did the introducing someone to a whole new world in an appropriate manner. My problem was that he was way too quick to adjust to the family itself considering Will had never really interacted with Josh or ‘the gang’ before.

Their romance wasn’t as great as it could have been either. I think it’s downfall was how quickly things progressed at the end of the book. I loved how the author took her time developing their relationship throughout the book. She didn’t focus on their attraction but instead on building a relationship based on friendship and I loved those moments where they supported each other. But then things just went from one point to another too quickly and I was left feeling confused and a little robbed of experiencing a great romance.

One of my favorite things about this book were the secondary characters. I may not have liked every single one of them and I especially had a problem with Windsor but in the end, the author just did a great job with them. They are a lovable cast and super supportive and if I had to ask for anyone to watch my back, it would be this fantabulous bunch. Speaking of favorites (I know we were’t), Haley totally won the show for me and if I could hug him and reassure him, I totalllllly would.

My other favorite aspect of this book was the world the author had built. There aren’t nearly enough books about dreamwalkers out there (or books that actually focus on the dreamwalking bits) and this was so great when it came to that. The author told (or rather showed) us a lot of things about this world. My only problem was that we didn’t get nearly enough of the politics aspect or the secret society aspect which was why I ended up feeling a tad let down.

The plot was also wonderfully developed and I thought the author paced it just right, building up the climax fantabulously. What I didn’t like was the ‘twist’ the author decided to throw in. I feel like we didn’t need that in this book. I get that it opens up possibilities for a sequel but at the same time, I feel like there are so many other ways to set up for a sequel than doing something like that. I cannot say more about it without spoilers so I won’t but yeah.

I think one of the things this book did well was the way the villain was developed, or I should say the main villain. Pergerine, her grandfather is somewhat of a villain as well but he seemed too extreme to me and I didn’t like him. This isn’t meant to be a spoiler of course since throughout the book, it’s obvious that her grandfather is a little shit and the main character knows that (and promotes that idea). That said though, the main villain is set up wonderfully.

All in all, this was a fantastic read and one I would encourage anyone who is looking for something new in the paranormal genre to read. It may not be perfect but it has a lot of things going for it and it’s exciting and fun.