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A good conclusion to a decent series

The World Forgot - Isla Neal, Martin Leicht

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It seems that none of the books in this series ever really blew my mind but I will say that this one was a worthy conclusion to the series.

I felt a little sad after finishing the book because it was kind of like saying goodbye to that nice co-worker who you were never really close to but thought were cool. I didn't love the series as a while, but I did grow fond of it and the characters and loved seeing them grow.

I have to admit thought, even with the growth Elvie underwent, it just became clear to me in this instalment that while she is smart, she is also kind of an asshole at times. She is judgemental and if you aren’t up to her standards, she will constantly  put you down. Kind of like she did with Cole.

She did break up with him though (early on in this book so no spoilers) so I will give her credit for that but at the same time, I just wish she appreciated him more instead of always talking about how dumb he was (even if she said it in a ‘cute’ way).

I continue to not buy into Ducky and Marnie’s romance so that was a problem (DUCKY IS UNDERAGE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD) but the plot was still a lot of fun and I enjoyed the fast paced nature of these books in general.

The world that the author has created is so fun to read about and this series in general is so much like comfort food. It’s problematic but at the same time, it’s fun and I did enjoy reading the series.

I'd definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves fun fluffy stuff and doesn't mind putting up with a few grievances for some fluff. After all, not all fluff is perfect.