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The Shattered Court: A Novel of the Four Arts - M.J. Scott

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The Shattered Court is a book that would have totally escaped my notice where it not for Nick. I am so glad she mentioned it to me because otherwise I would not have found this wonderfulness. I will begin by saying that this isn’t the best thing I’ve ever read, far from it, but at the same time, it just works. It may not be incredibly original but it is so much fun to read and I do like that the author has made it her own story in many ways.

I am going to start off by talking about the main character, Sophie. She is such a good main character. She isn’t reckless yet she isn’t someone who will just take things at word. She questions things, before someone even has to point it out to her.She is a smart main character and it’s nice seeing that she takes the time to think through the consequences of some of her actions. Of course, she is not perfect but I also admire that she knows when to lay low and when to speak up.

This book comes with an interesting cast of secondary characters, including my personal favorite, Lord Sylvian. My real complaint comes in the form of Queen Eloisa. I actually really liked her at the start of the book and I HATE what was done to her character. I wish there were ways to make the book progress, and to make the plot develop without making her an enemy but alas, sometimes, that’s the way things are no matter how much I detest it. *sighs*

Then we have a certain Cameron. I admit, I was worried about him. He was sleeping with Queen Eloisa for crying out loud when the novel started. No, he was not in a committed relationship but it was a fling so I was worried how this would all come to play within the whole context of Sophie and Cameron's relationship and I guess it didn’t really. It’s one of the reasons why I am genuinely disappointed that Queen Eloisa turned into someone she was not at the beginning of the novel. I wonder what we will find out about her character that will at least help us better understand the sudden shift. Going back to the lovely Cameron,he managed to win me over right from the get-go but I was slightly disappointed in the rather easy shift of feelings (not that he had overly romantic feelings for Eloisa, it’s just that his focus shifted very easily). I am happy to report that he was a good mixture of sweet but also not sweet (if you know what I mean).

The romance between the two was something I enjoyed. There was insta-attraction happening but the way their relationship builds on that is beautiful. They build trust and when they are thrust into an awkward situation that forces them to acknowledge their feelings for one another (whoever says that forced marriages aren’t fun to read about), they go about doing that in a fantastic way. Cameron pays attention to Sophie's fears and assures her that he will be loyal to her no matter what. I admire that their relationship gets to a point where the drama is external rather than internal and what I also admire is that while they clearly have feelings for one another, there are no random declarations of love. Also sexy times. I was genuinely surprised when they made an appearance but hey, you take what you get. ;)

While I adored the fast pace nature of the plot, I will admit that I was rather disappointed that they weren’t going to be on the run for the entirety of the book. I am glad though that that wasn’t the case because otherwise we would have totally missed out on meeting characters like Lord Sylvian and we would have also missed seeing the politics within the court (although I wish there had been more of that too).

I think the world building aspect of the novel could have been more intricate but given that this is only book 1, I do like the details we have gotten. And I will not elaborate because, you know, you got to find these things out on your own. I will say there is magic involved.

This book sucked me in and left me anticipating for the sequel. It is a really fun read and I am looking forward to where our journey will take us in the future.