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big bang finale

End of Days - Susan Ee

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I find it very hard to put into words what exactly this series means to me and seeing it end, I don’t quite know what to say. It hasn’t quite hit me that there will be no more of Penryn and Raffe and that my life will continue to go on without these two.

We’ve come so far from Angelfall yet, End of Days manages to retain the charm and humor of Angelfall. It’s not as distinct anymore because of how serious things have become, but End of Days is still such a charming, heartfelt book and it pains my heart to say goodbye to these beloved characters.

Where do I begin with this book? I literally cannot think of a single flaw off the top of my head. I cannot think of anything that didn’t work for me. The main characters, the secondary characters, the romance, the plot, the world building, EVERYTHING worked for me. This was the big bang finale that I was looking for and it did NOT let me down. It gave me everything I wanted and then some.

Over the course of the three books, we have gotten to see Penryn grow into this amazing woman (because girl no longer seems applicable). She was forced to grow up quickly as a result of this apocalypse but she handled it. With this novel, we get to see the result of all the development Penryn has undergone. She was always badass but in this book we see her as a strong female lead, who is sometimes afraid but also manages to shine with her head held up high. She makes good decisions and we finally see her take the role of a leader instead of constantly shying away from it. Simply put, Penryn is hands down one of the best female leads out there.

Unlike World After, our favorite angel is actually present for most of the book. How about that, huh? Raffe is one of my favorite love interests ever and I really really really mean that.He is funny, charming, and so ridiculously adorable. I love that he believes in Penryn and tries his best to support her. He can sometimes be obnoxious, but we all know that angels have big egos so we can forgive Raffe for that.

There is a lot of romantic tension between these two characters in the book. Especially since they both knew they have feelings for each other and that said feelings may be reciprocated, but circumstances make it hard for them to just act on those feelings. Some might be frustrated by this, but I was not. Sometimes things aren’t as easy as knowing that you are both interested in each other. Sometimes there are other things to consider and that is okay. All this romantic tension does mean some HAWTTTT scenes though so don't you worry too much. Plus romance or no romance, they work so fantastically as a team!

The secondary characters are so important to the series and Susan did not disappoint. In fact, she actually made me kind of like one of the bad guys from the previous books (*cries*).Susan knows how to pull on your heart strings in just the right way that will make you question everything you thought you knew. DON’T QUESTION IT. One of my favorite things was how Susan dealt with Penryn’s mom in this novel. Penryn’s mom has always been a little weird and creepy but in this instalment, she also becomes a caring mother and that warmed my cold heart. Also Pookie bear (because Pookie bear will always be my favorite secondary character ever).

One of the things that attracted me to this series was that it was post apocalyptic and just happened to have angels. It could have very easily turned into a paranormal romance but it doesn't. Susan really incorporates science fiction elements and post apocalyptic elements making the distinction clear by giving emphasis to the world building. Those elements continue to shine in this instalment. I don’t really think anything I could say would give Susan the credit she deserves on her fantastic world building skills.

The plot is also very well developed and like all the previous instalments, not a single part of this book feels slow. It's never too fast either and Susan always slows down at the important parts so that we can experience them properly. There are also things that come together from previous books and everything is just so well planned.

End of Days is a brilliantly thought out and well written book and I would not hesitate to push (read: shove down your throat) this series at you. If you haven’t read Angelfall, PLEASE GO DO SO because you have no idea what you’re missing out on.