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A satisfying, long awaited conclusion

Oblivion - Kelly Creagh

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It’s hard to believe I waited almost 3 years for this book. The time seems to have stretched out forever but diving back into this series wasn’t hard for me (possibly because I continued to obsess over it for the past 3 years.) As soon as I opened the first page of the book, it felt like coming home; and how could it not when there are so many things to appreciate about this series.

As one can imagine, when one waits for a book for 3 years, expectations build. Maybe to insane amounts. So I am not going to tell you that this book was everything I had hoped it would be. If it had been, I probably would have died from all the awesomeness, but this book was fantastic. It was the finale this trilogy needed and it was WORTHY of this series. I never felt disappointed by the book and I felt so HAPPY with how things were worked out, even if I did have some minor issues.

One of my major issues with the book was the time frame it took place in. I  just feel like these last moments should have taken longer than a day. Especially since there was a showdown involved. They certainly felt like they took a lot longer and I would have just liked it had everything taken place at least over the time period of a week instead of a day. But that's just me, I am weird about time frames and there was a fantastic build up to those final moments so there isn't much to complain about.

My other problem was that Gwen still didn’t get enough spotlight. Gwen is a fabulous creature, let me tell you that. If there is anyone you want having your back, it is Gwen. She is a great friend and she puts up with Isobel even when Isobel takes Gwen for granted. She also calls Isobel out on her shit which just makes me like her better. She is the best best friend ever and I just wished we could see more of her awesomeness like we did in Nevermore.

I also wish we saw more of Isobel’s brother. He is adorable and I love his relationship with Isobel. They fight but they also care about each other dearly and I cannot help but wish we saw more of them together.

Isobel is a great main character. I will say that I think she developed more in Nevermore than in the latter books but I still enjoyed being in her head. She is someone who cares about her friends and family and has definitely matured over the course of the books. She also cares a LOT about Varen. Which also makes me sometimes wonder if this book wouldn’t have been a lot more interesting had it been adult instead of YA (and I am not only saying that because sexy times. :P)

Varen is also the apple of my eye and the person I wrote a Valentine’s letter to last year so we know I love him. And thank the gods he got more page time in this book because my poor heart would have broken otherwise. He did some shitty things inEnshadowed but I will forgive him because he is Varen but also because he caught up right away this time and had faith in Isobel.

This book is full of so many amazing characters and I also wanted to mention Reynolds who is one of the best things in this series.He is a mysterious character and you never know what he is up to but you know he is and never will be Isobel’s enemy. I was so happy with how things turned out with him.

I will miss every single one of the characters in this series but I will also miss the gorgeous world that Creagh built. Her haunting prose brings the creepy, Poe inspired atmosphere of this book to life. My eyes were glued and I was flipping pages, trying to devour this book in one go (but also since I’d be waiting for 3 years, it’s not a surprise I devoured this beauty.)

The epic finale was exactly what this series deserved and made me happy. There was an epilogue to follow and while I am not a 100% sure how I feel about it, I will say that it wasn’t cheesy which made me really happy. It had the kind of sweetness that the characters deserved given everything they had been through over the course of the 3 books.

This series will be missed SO FLIPPIN much but I needed this closure and I needed to know what would become of these characters. For all of those who have followed the Nevermore trilogy as enthusiastically as I have, it’s here. The book is here and it won. LET'S CELEBRATE. For those who haven’t, definitely give it more than a glance (especially if you enjoy gothic reads with fantastic characters and haunting prose.)

5 1