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Fantastically creepy with bothersome characters

The Creeping - Alexandra Sirowy

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The Creeping was a novel I was initially very excited about but when I dove in, I had a hard time really connecting to the characters. I LOVED the creepiness of it, and the dark atmosphere but when it came to the characters, there was only one I liked and he happened to be the love interest I thought the female lead did not deserve.

Half way through the book, I was ready to DNF because the characters were insanely frustrating but instead I put the book down and decided to pick it up the next day. When I picked it up, I found myself not hating the characters as much and instead I started to enjoy the story and its creepiness. Maybe, I was subconsciously muting out their annoyingness but I do think there was some character development that took place which was why I was able to enjoy the book more.

Stella is an okay main character. At first I just didn’t like her. She is a pushover and never really seems to realize it. Her entire life revolves on doing what her best friend, Zoey thinks is okay. All of her decisions are made based on how Zoey would react and whether or not she would approve. Stella doesn’t think for herself. We know she isn’t a horrible person but she does horrible thinks because that’s what her best friend wants and she never really regrets it. Given all that, I realllly did not like Stella. Especially since she treated the one person who was nice to her, Sam, like shit because of this.  But as she becomes closer to Sam (who was her best friend back before Zoey made her choose), she starts to stand up on her two feet and make some decisions. She starts to become STELLA instead of Zoey’s pawn.

I did not like Zoey. She is a bitch (very simply put). She puts down other people, she is horrible to her best friend and she is controlling. My biggest problem with her character was that she never had any consequences for her horribleness because she is never actually made out to be a villain. She is Stella’s best friend and they care about each other. Her horribleness is explained away but she does become a lot more tolerable by the end of the book (after Stella calls her out on her shit.) Also, I kind of like how even though Zoey was awful, in her own way she is loyal to Stella. When Stella starts doing things she doesn’t approve up, she is pissed but she doesn’t decide to dump Stella. She still (kind of) sticks by her.

As I mentioned earlier, Sam was my favorite character. I LOVE HIM. I hate that he was so easy on Stella sometimes but I enjoyed it when he called her out on some of the stuff she had done. He made it clear he had feelings but when Stella pulled shit, she was not automatically given a get out of jail card. He would let her know it wasn’t cool. Sam was amazing and he was nice and SO RESPECTFUL. Seriously.

One of the best things about this book was hands down the mystery. This book is frightening and reminded me why horror can be so much fun to read. I happened to be reading this book in the middle of the night and I was scared. The atmosphere in this book comes to life and the haunting descriptions crawl under your skin to make the book a fantastic experience. I may not have gotten along with the characters (at least at first) but everything else in this book was perfect. I was actually scared even though the lights were on.

The way the mystery unravels is beautiful and I loved the twist that came at the end. I hadn’t expected it but it fit in very well and didn’t throw me off. It just made sense in the context of the book.

This book definitely had issues but in the long run, it was a very fun read because of how well the author incorporated elements of mystery and horror. Remember, if you look hard enough, you will find the monsters.