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Space Taxi: Archie Takes Flight - Wendy Mass, Michael Brawer, √Člise Gravel

Occasionally, I will pick up a book that I have never heard of because I like the cover and the title. That’s what I did with this book and look where it got me? SUCKED INTO YET ANOTHER SERIES. Curse all the cute kid books. They’re always sucking me in with their adorableness and I am left to deal with the consequences.


Reasons to read this book


  • It features a talking alien cat nicknamed Pockets. This reminds me of that time when I was in third grade and wrote a story about an alien family whose dog started talking (but that’s beside the point.)
  • Archie is 8 years 8 months 8 days old and his life is about to change. He is going to find out that his dad is not just any taxi driver; his dad is a space taxi driver. His dad travels across galaxies (and gets to use wormholes) to pick up his customers.
  • An adorable father son relationship
  • Aliens, outerspace, crime fighting cats!!!!!!
  • Also cuteness.


I need to get my hands on book 2 soon...