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The romance could have been a tad better..

Scotsman of My Dreams - Karen Ranney

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Scotsman of My Dreams ended up being a very fun book to read but as much as I enjoyed it, I also thought there was way too much buildup for the romance.

Minerva and Dalton make a fantastic team and while they were a team for huge chunks of the book, they were also on opposite sides for most of the book. So while the tension between them was amazing, I hated that they weren’t on the same side. It meant that it took longer for their relationship to develop to a point where they could admit feelings and it also meant that there was a certain level of distrust between the two.

Minerva and Dalton are both fantastic characters in their own right and I LOVED reading about them as characters but  I wanted more from them together which was why I cannot give this book the 4 stars I would have otherwise.

Moving on though, I DID enjoy many aspects of the buildup especially since Minerva and Dalton worked together a lot and they were so FLIPPIN CUTE!

Minerva is an independently wealthy woman who never had the time for any sort of relationships after her parents died and left her in charge of her younger brother. Minerva took what she got and raised her brother and instead invested her time in her interests, archaeology.

Dalton, on the other hand, is an ex-rake. He made some poor decisions and decided to go fight in the civil war for the funsies and learnt that war wasn’t what he thought he was. Unfortunately, he also got injured, lost his sight and returned to a newly inherited earldom because of his older brother’s death. Dalton was dealt many blows in one go but these blows really helped him grow. He was no longer the cocky, poor decision making Dalton of the past, but rather a new Dalton who realizes how much of his life he wasted because he was ‘bored’. It was so much fun to watch him develop over the course of the book and I loved seeing the part Minerva played in helping him get there.

Their romance is fantastic (my issues aside) and I loved seeing them help each other overcome their insecurities.

This book was so much fun to read and I’d definitely recommend it if you are looking for a quick fun HR to read that won’t fail to make you swoon!

Note that I received an eARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review