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Not what I hoped it would be

Lock & Mori - Heather W. Petty

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Lock and Mori did not work out for me and this makes me a sad panda. I enjoy Sherlock retellings so I was excited to read this book but when I dove in, I was surprised by how meh I felt about it. If you want awesome Sherlock bits, this book isn’t it.Sherlock (yes that is actually his first name!) is barely present in the book. He is just a side character. In fact, this book should just be called Mori because Lock pretty much does nothing.

Lock has very similar characteristics to the Sherlock that we all love very well but unlike him, all Lock really does is get left behind. In fact, I kind of felt like Lock was a wannabe Sherlock. Even with the similarities, Lock wasn’t nearly as awesome as Sherlock.  He was bland and all he did was spout out awkward emotional stuff when trying to explain to Mori how much he liked her.

Mori was sometimes even harder to like than Lock. All she did in this book was keep secrets from him. I appreciate that she isn’t dumb and is probably even smarter than Lock but I hate it when characters who are supposed to be working together keep secrets from one another. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Also her reactions to some things made no sense to me. Mori also seems to look down on other women and has some very skewed ideas about certain issues.

Then there was also the case of insta-love. I feel like Lock and Mori are a couple that you can root for, and I could totally understand all the hormones and physical attraction but then suddenly the L word was being thrown around and I just couldn’t understand how over the course of a week, they were in love.

The book also takes a shot at dealing with child abuse which is such a hard issue to tackle. I know sometimes I’ll blame characters for not getting out of an abusive situation earlier, but it isn’t as easy as just leaving. I think, for the most part, the author does a good job with the situation but I do wish some things had been handled differently.

The mystery aspect of this book was actually pretty intriguing and I loved connecting the dots even if I saw some of the twists coming from far away.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to win me over. I am still curious about the sequel and where things will go from here but I just don’t know if I am going to want to pick it up. Neither Lock and Mori did anything for me and I ended up feeling more frustrated than anything else while reading the book since I hate secrets. I do know several people who enjoyed the book though so don’t give up if you were looking forward to reading the book! Maybe it’ll work out better for you.

Note that I received an eARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review