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Reasons to read Nightfall

Nightfall - Peter Kujawinski, Jake Halpern

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Here are a bunch of reasons to read this book.

1. Original. This premise of this book is unlike anything I have encountered before. Can you imagine the idea of a world where the sun rises every 28 years? Can you imagine all the details that would need to be put in to the book make that seem plausible? Well Jake and Peter pull it off because they made this world come to life. It was interesting and original and sucked me right in.

2. Survival aspects of the story. Do you love a good survival story? You've come to the right place. This book might not terrify you but it will (hopefully) have you rooting for the characters and hoping that they will beat the odds and make it to safety and back to their families.

3. Romance takes a back seat. I love my romances but there are some situations where I think romances are unnecessary. In this book the romance was barely hinted at. It's not that there aren't feelings. It's just that a lot of the romance stuff was established before the book started so this book is mostly about these characters trying to work out a way to survive instead of you know... make out?

4. The Characters. I was a little put off by the idea of 14 year olds for main characters and the fact that they didn't really seem like they were 14 but overall, I liked them. They may not have been perfect and sometimes make some not so smart decisions but I think the way they worked together was amazing. There were *some* secrets but they are understandable.

5. The Creepy. Isn't that what we are really here for? The Creepy. The Scary. I will say that Nightfall is not the scariest book I've read of late but there were some downright creepy bits. After all, when you find out your deserted island isn't as deserted as you thought it was and is inhabited by an entirely other species that kill your kind, there are bound to be some terrifying moments.

This book isn't perfect but I still think it makes for a fantastic Halloween read. If you want something original and creepy, I'd definitely recommend this. Nightfall will draw you into it's world and will leave you wanting more (in a good way) once you're done!

Note that I received an advanced copy of the book in exchange for an honest review