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The Favor

The Favor - Megan Hart

Actual Rating 2.5


I read this book to help me out of my downward spiral and while my rating might suggest that it was unsuccessful, it actually wasn't.


I checked the book out because of the cover. The cover drew me because of it's plainness and made me think that this book would be deep and interesting. The summary of course did nothing to contradict that. It was about a girl going back to a place from where she ran and involved a bunch of secrets.


Who wouldn't find that intriguing? So I read this. The book seemed to dull to me. The parts were it went back into the past really did not interest me and I almost didn't care about what happened.


One of the plus points of the book was Gabe and Janelle's relationship in the present. The author didn't go on and on about how the two were attracted to each other, she didn't talk about 'the heat' between the two, instead she showed us in other ways and that worked out really well.


Everything that has happened all boils down to one thing, The Favor. Interestingly enough, for most of the book this favor is barely mentioned and it wasn't until near the end that you found out what it was. The Favor didn't deserve the build up it got. That is not to say it wasn't ordinary. In fact I was rather disturbed when I found out what it was. A little more into the reasons behind it made me feel less angry but did nothing to redeem the book for me (not that it was going extraordinarly well until that point).


I think I'll stop looking for comfort books and read genres that I actually love instead. Maybe I will find the book that will turn things up for me (and I did so yes this book encouraged me to give up my hopeless search and read things I was supposed to be reading).