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Stormwalker (Stormwalker Series #1)

Stormwalker - Allyson James

Definitely not my cup of tea.


My main issue was the romance, it has an almost unhealthy like quality to it. There are so many problems in their relationship and most of them aren't even noticed. Although I do have to admire the main character for the fact that she at least realizes that she deserves explanations. Nash is a pain in the ass. He is just outright annoying, how can she care for a dude who holds a grudge against her and doesn't even have a genuine reason to do so? Messed up shiz.


The plot...I am confused. There were things going on but what was the point again? I didn't even connect most of the dots. It's like she got her clues from the air or something, that actually seems possible since she controls storms and what not.


I don't know why I keep on coming back to Urban Fantasy, the majority of the genre hasn't WOWED me. There are a few gems I found but seriously most of the time this genre lacks originality. I thought the fact that this focused on Native American stuff it would be more unique, no such luck.Maybe my brain will soon realize that I need to take a break from this genre but till then I'll probably keep on reading trying to discover a new gem in the world of Urban Fantasy. I am weird that way.