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The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever (Bevelstoke Series #1)

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever - Julia Quinn

"Miranda wasn't sure whether she wanted to laugh or to cry"


That about sums about most of the book.


I read this because I was looking for a feel good book but that didn't work out too well for me. I enjoyed it but I was also annoyed by it.


For starters Nigel/Turner was a lot more mature when he was 19 then he was at 29. It really annoyed me to see him act like such a baby. The scene in the prologue was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't seem to wrap my head around the fact that he became such a 'whiner'. I understand that something horrible happened to them that took away his fate in love and humanity and laddy laddy la but his reaction seemed more like teenager throwing a tantrum than an adult getting his heart broken.


Miranda was supposed to be smart. While she wasn't nearly as annoying as Nigel (I know he prefers to be called Turner but I like Nigel better so deal with it) it bothered me when she couldn't see Nigel's facade and was so insecure. If he didn't love her he wouldn't have done have the stuff he did. You don't just 'like' someone and do all that. I also hated how she could act so insecure. If she believes herself to be smart and different some of the things shouldn't bother her as they did.


I wasn't a big fan of Olivia's and kind of agree with what Nigel said about her. She was annoying and never seemed to understand when Miranda said no. Like with the whole thing with Winston.


As with the plot, well again it was the whole back and forth thing b/w Nigel and Miranda. I didn't know whether to laugh or whether to cry. The romance was actually alright. It could have been better but I quite enjoyed it. I did wish there was more of the fun banter that seems to be common in this genre.I am sure fans of historical romances will enjoy this.