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What Happens Next

What Happens Next - Colleen Clayton

I’ve had this book since last year and I kept on putting it off because I kept on finding other books. I think I own an apology to this book.


Dear Book,
I am so sorry for putting you off, I will accept whatever punishment you have in store for me.
Lots of love,


Now that that’s done, I should probably talk about the book.


So I think you’ve figured out that I loved this book. The characters were great, the relationships were great, the plot was great. WHAT WASN’T GREAT?


This book is about a girl who was raped but she cannot remember what happened. It takes her a while to figure out that that was what happened and after that she starts sinking in to herself.


She doesn’t like her body because she is always getting unwanted attention from older guys. She blames the way she looks for what happened to her. So she starts having these “urges” where she vomits out everything she eats so that she can weight. She hides her body. She wants to blend in so no one will notice her.


Then she meets Corey. Their relationship develops slowly and she finally lets Corey in. Their romance is so sweet.


Her own character development is amazing; she doesn’t change in just a day. It takes her a year to finally have some hope for herself. To finally make peace with herself. To really open up.


The author does a great job with this concept, it’s a big thing and to pull it off is hard. The book is heartbreaking yet beautiful and I recommend it to people looking for a moving story.