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Almost Perfect (Fool's Gold Series #2)

Almost Perfect (Fool's Gold, Book 2) - Susan Mallery

(Note: I don't mean to sound like a troll or anything. Also if you are uncomfortable with swear words.. it would be better if you didn't read this)

I blame my need for reading a chic lit on Jenn Bennett.

This is not what I was looking for.
This was horrible.
I wanna crawl into my bed and cry. It was that bad.

The hero is an asshole.. he keeps on blaming the female lead for things she had no control over when from my point of view he should be taking most of the blame or his dead ex wife. Through out most of the book he is trying to make the female lead's life miserable and still claims to love her. You my sir are indeed an asshole. Please take you're shit some where else and oh get over yourself while you're at it. 
If I were a real life character in this book there is nothing I would love more than running a truck over this guy. 

The female likes getting walked over. She might as well get run over by something while she's at it. Oh so she is a single mother etc etc she's strong as hell. No. She is ridiculous. She let's people's opinions define her, she never stands up for herself and is weak as fuck.

I don't hate kids in a book. You just cannot because they tend to be cute but in this case? They sucked. They were selfish as hell! Oh Tyler's actions would have made sense were he 8 but he was 11! And her nieces? Oh dear god here this woman left everything and came as soon as possible and you start tantrums about not moving back with her. 

I am going to drown in a sea of self loathing.. this was just pathetic, all I wanted was a good romance about second chances... this is bullshit.