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Dancing on Coals

Dancing on Coals - Ellen O'Connell

Actual Rating 3.5 

This was a rather hard book to rate because while I loved it there were quite a bit of things that bothered me. 

For starters the fact that Katherine is ready to give up her whole life for Gaetan made no sense to me. She is the only one making sacrifices for their relationship. Gaetan doesn't change his opinions nor does he do much of anything else (literally... he avoids her for like half of the book. The first time he says anything to her was at the 49% mark). It doesn't sit well with me. Of course that isn't the only thing, how can she not give even a second thought to the comforts she is giving up to be with him, I mean she thinks about bathtubs but in a nostalgic way. He becomes the center of her universe and she will do anything to be with him, including giving up the only life she has ever known. WHY? WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT? I certainly wouldn't. This is not to say Katherine wasn't a good female lead, despite this big problem I had with her, she was a strong character and I admired her for it. Although the 'smile that wasn't a smile' creeped me out, what the hell was that about?

Gaetan on the other hand, I am not completely sure how I feel about him. Alpha males don't sit well with me unless they are very well developed and while Gaetan was well developed, I just didn't click with him. His love for Katherine.. didn't make sense. I mean I can see he loves her but where that love came from, I have no idea. He is such a headstrong person and even though he is in love with Katherine, his opinions don't change at all, he says that she has an apache heart. I am sure that was meant as a compliment but it bothered me. It feels like he is trying to change her identity as it suits him and make excuses for the fact that he loves a white woman. Also like I mentioned in the above paragraph.. he made no sacrifices in their relationship!

Yeah that's all I can think of. Keep in mind that this isn't a review, just a rant about the things I didn't like.