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Starling - Lesley Livingston

Ha it's going to be hard to say anything about this book but here goes nothing.
352 pages of pure awesome. It's the perfect mythology novel in my opinion. I love mythology but its so hard to encounter good mythology and now that I am always looking for something that will combine the different kinds. This book does it just right. It's everything I wanted from the Mythos Academy. It makes you feel all kinds of emotions. I felt happy, excited, scared everything while reading this. Reading this book was like being on a roller coaster of emotions. I cannot think of anything that I didn't like. Nothing is perfect and I am sure that this book has it's flaw's but the things that the author DOES do right overpower all the flaws. I am sure this is not a book for everyone and some people will get annoyed but there are people like me who will be nervous and will want to stop reading at times to give themselves a break but it's all worth it. 

What I also really like is how they Livingston explores the whole Loki part. Usually in books dealing with Nordic mythology, the family of the lead are the good guys going against Loki but in this case its the opposite. It's a different opinion. I wonder how this book would have been like would Mason wish for the same thing but then again I am human so I don't want to read a book about how the characters are intent on destroying us. 

Ugh I am not sure how to feel about the cliff hanger, on one hand it makes me want the next book but on the other, its a perfect way to end the book. It's a perfect opening to the sequel and well I really cannot wait. I am sure Livingston will make it worth the wait.