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Spark (Sky Chasers Series #2)

Spark - Amy Kathleen Ryan

Under normal circumstances i would have loved Seth but somehow the fact that everyone thinks that Kieran is a dictator changed my view. I am totally for justice and because of what Waverly thought about Kieran based on what Seth said pissed me off and also the fact that she thought that he was acting like Anne. 

What annoys me the most is Waverly didnt trust Kieran. She decides that Seth is not evil but she doesn't realize that the reason Kieran turned into what he is, is because of Seth. How would she feel if someone locked her into a jail for no good reason and basically starved her, and how would she feel if everyone gave false statements about what happened to save their own asses. 

It's really depressing knowing that Kieran acted like this only because of his fear of something like that ever happening again (in my opinion at least). What Seth did to him left a permanent mental and physical scar (he mentions that he is still weak from his experience months afterwards). Despite trying to maintain his position as head, Kieran really did care about his people and he loved them. Seth and Waverly may not have been his favorites but can you blame him? Waverly accused him of being the bad guy and he freaking loved her, she broke his heart. Seth wanted to kill him.

I wonder how its going to be like in the next book, but seriously I think its obvious she will be with Seth, but hey Kieran deserves a happy ending, he has gone through hell and right in the end he saw that his mom was basically a puppet. I would totally be pissed if Kieran didn't get his own happy ending because he deserves it.