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Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Hot Blooded - Amanda  Carlson

With Cold Blooded so close to its release date, I decided to request this and finally read it. Full Blooded was somewhat disappointing and had it not ended the way it did, I probably wouldn’t have read this one.  I was hoping that things would take a more interesting turn now that we were past the whole Jessica becoming the only female werewolf. Honestly, this one wasn’t a whole lot better than the first. So much more can be done with this series if the author puts her mind to it.


“.. who made you lord and superior over the entire world? Human or supernatural? You don’t get to choose. A life is a life.”


Jessica fell extremely flat for me in the first book and I can gladly say that there was a definite improvement in her character in this book. She came to life for me. She wasn’t two dimensional anymore. It’s been about a week since her first change and she still getting used to the idea. She’s been human for so long that she cannot just openly embrace all of the rules. There is too much ‘human’ in her. Because of this she goes out of her way to save the life of Ray, someone who hates her and has been making her life miserable. She also becomes a whole lot stronger in this book. Yes some things are definitely hard for her to wrap her head around but if you expect her to happily accept everything that is thrown at her then… I am not even sure what to say. That would make her too gullible of a character and I wouldn’t want that.


Danny is his usual chummy self and I love how he is always there for Jessica. He is a fun character and extremely loyal but that’s almost all there was to him. Also am I the only one bothered by the fact that he seemed to be developing feelings for Naomi? It seemed too easy. Look at Tyler and all the problems he is having with the whole vampire thing, and he is younger than Danny. How can Danny just let go so easily of his beliefs?


“My sister is not up for adoption, Demon”


I have a soft spot for Tyler because, as I mentioned in my review for Full Blooded, I’ve always wanted a twin brother. I was so glad that the author hadn’t killed him off and made him just a memory in Jessica’s mind (which happens more often than I’d like). He could be a little difficult from time to time but I still loved him. I loved how he would do anything to protect his (older ;)) sister. The connection between the two of them is interesting and their relationship a delight to read (a good siblings relationship, you gotta admit, they are hard to find).


Now for my favorite character in this book (Rourke doesn’t count!), RAY. So if you read my review to the first book you would know that for some odd reason I found myself oddly attached to Ray. His will never ceases to amaze me. He is such a strong character. However, in the beginning of the book I actually though that I might change my mind about him since he was being so difficult and refusing to accept what was right in front of him. But he grew so much in this book. There was so much character development on his side. You might even say he grew to like Jessica (don’t tell him I said that, he’ll kill me).


As for Rourke, even though I knew he was going to be absent for most of this book, I was sorely disappointed. It’s just that for the past 2 books we haven’t really gotten to know him better as a character. There wasn't much of him in either books yet we have the big jump from the shock of the fact that he and Jessica are mates to the fact that they cannot live without each other. I just wish we could see a lot more of that relationship and a lot more of Rourke for that matter! It would be so much easier to swallow their relationship (not that I didn't enjoy the 'moments' I just want to see more). 


One of the things that is really different about this book is the fact that the female lead is not alone. She isn’t some sort of orphan who has to go through this change alone. Her father, her brother and her friends will always be there to back her up and help her through the unknown.


One of the complaints I had about the last book was that there wasn’t more about the prophecy. This time around we got to learn a lot more about the ‘actual’ prophecy and more about Jessica’s powers. I really should be vary seeing how special she is and while I am kind of on the edge about it I am not bothered so that’s a good sign.


My main complaint with this book was the plot. The whole book revolves around them trying to get Rourke back. It was too dull for me. Yes they are fighting all these creatures and there is tons of action but it all comes back to the point that there isn’t anything really going on. Something just seemed to be missing.


The one thing that happened right before the ending annoyed me (it has to do with Ray… for those who know what I am talking about). I really did not want them to happen. :/ The ending itself, like the previous book, was a cliffhanger and in some ways even worse than the one from the last book. There are so many questions in my mind.


Despite the fact that the first 2 books didn’t do much for me, I am ready for the third one. I get the feeling it’s going to be pretty awesome. BRING IT ON.




3 6