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Haze by Paula Weston

Haze  - Paula Weston

This isn't so much a review then it is a collection of my thoughts so it is kind of unorganised.. Also this is mostly going to talk about what I DIDN'T like. 

This was one of my most anticipated sequels for the year. After Shadows, I was DYING to read what Haze had in store me and admittedly most of it were things I didn't expect.

I thought there would be even more action in this book and it would take the awsomeness of Shadows and multiply it by two. 

It didn't necessarily do that, it wasn't disappointing but it was different from what I had expected. This book was more focused on developing the characters instead of the whole finding out what happened.

Yes this bothered me, because it makes me wonder where the author is planning to go with this, is there going to be a showdown? or are we just trying to figure out what happened a year ago?

For a good part of the book I really did not like Rafa, he was being a complete ass and ran hot and cold. I KNOW there is a reason but it's hard to justify it with that when neither we nor the main character knows what happened. 

Also I really didn't like Mya... I do hope Paula keeps it that way instead of trying to make her seem like the good person.

Gaby was slightly annoying too because of the whole Gabe vs. herself thing, I understand the why but it doesn't make me feel any better. I also don't like how she is always making it sound like Gabe was a bad person. I am pretty sure that Gabe had her reasons for doing what she did. I mean she was going to go with the Outcasts in the first place right? but something happened to change her mind. There were seriously points in the book where I liked Gabe better than Gaby.

One more thing I feel the need to mention is that even with the note this book ended on, I am more worried about Gaby getting back her memories. I know I know, I sounds heartless, but the whole book I was DYING to know what happened. 

I am really worried that Paula will decide to not return her memories and we will never know what happened. I need her to get her memories back like I need to eat food.



I am really glad about Jude though, now it can be her and Jude against the world :') Definitely want to see Jude tell everyone off for being assholes :P 


**Spoiler end

Okay I think that's all I have to say... oh and this book was awesome! :) Not what I had in mind but still... but the third book better make up for what DIDN'T happen in this book :P