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Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1) - Katie McGarry

I actually gave it a 5 (well technically its still a 5) right after reading it but then I read On the Jellicoe road right after.
I know its silly to compare the two books but you cannot help it. You will compare the book you just read to the book you read before it.
When I read this book I was so surprised by how it made me feel but when I read On the Jellicoe Road.. well I don't even have words to say how I felt.
So i felt that if I am so much more impressed by On the Jellicoe Road then I am by Pushing the Limits how can the two of them have the same rating?
Anyways back to the book
This book is pretty amazing. There are so many things to be sad about in this book and neither of the character have happy lives. They are dealing with different kinds of pressure.
Some of the annoying this about the book were again, somehow even after going to the same school for a while they suddenly notice each other and fall in love. How does that work? i dont get it. despite that i absolutely love this book and Noah.
i fell in love with him when he almost cried when his brother called him his hero. that was adorable.
Oh man i really wish the sequel was about Echo and Noah and not Beth. Now i dont wanna read it. :/