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Death and the Girl Next Door by Daryna Jones

Death and the Girl Next Door - Darynda Jones

i have no idea why i read this. (this is a rant so its probably a good idea not to read it if you dont want spoilers)
It wasnt the best decision in my life.. and it was probably one of those rare books where i felt nothing towards the "hero".. not even a little bit. Its sad really. I like the guy who no one sees as a romantic interest but whatever thats not the point. The point is that nothing happens in this book! there is no freaking plot just a bunch of random information thrown at us. And really? how does the angel of death fall in love? that makes no sense what so ever. SCREW LOGIC! i think thats what the book was really about. And it pissed me off that you know they tended to sometimes forget about Glitch and on top of that why would you put a love trianglish issue in the book that doesnt involve the main character. It sucks really. UGH! i dont want to read the sequel. 
okay i probably made this book sound like crap but it isnt really that bad... its just me and my issues with the whole angel and human falling in love without a good reason. Like really?? your aura is so pretty i am going to fall in love with you and as for her? Oh you are so hot i am in love and oh my god you are an angel isnt that super awesome? *shudders*
*takes a deep breath*
i need to read something good to get rid of the mental damage done by this book.