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Breathless by Brigid Kemmerer

Breathless - Brigid Kemmerer

Even though Michael is my favorite Merick brother, Nick is the one I can relate to most as a person. He isn’t a bad boy, he is the good guy who people expect to be responsible, to be stable, someone they can count on. But what does he want? He wants to get out, he feels guilty, but he wants to go to a place where he isn’t known, where he isn’t known as half of a unit but as an individual. But at the same time he is afraid because what if he cannot function on his own? On top of this, he isn’t willing to admit his sexuality. He doesn’t need more problems what with people trying to kill them.


Adam. So he won my heart as soon as we were introduced. He had to leave school after being bullied about his sexuality but he doesn’t let people get to him. He won’t let people scare him because they cannot scare him into being straight (his words). He is a strong character. We need more of him. He has to be in Nick’s story and if he isn’t the love interest then….. I am not even going to contemplate that.


This is torture alright? I don’t think I can wait till Nick’s story. Please give it to me. Pretty please with cherries on top.