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Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn

Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn

Another Little Piece is one of the most interesting books I’ve read this year. I’ve been exploring the paranormal genre lately, although most of my focus was on Urban Fantasy, and I haven’t come across something this original in a while. Last year I found Nevermore and this year I found Another Little Piece.

This book opens on a great note. I was pretty sure I was going to love it right then except I didn’t. About half way through the book I was kind of bored and wanted nothing more than to skip to the end and finish the book but I couldn’t do that seeing that it was a book from the publisher. I am glad, so glad I didn’t give up.

It is a difficult book, the flash backs come out of nowhere and it’s confusing but that’s the point! It’s about a girl who lost her memory her flash backs aren’t exactly supposed to make sense to us if she cannot make sense of them.

I love how the author gives us the chance to experience the journey with the character, with her we slowly connect the pieces and put together the puzzle and it isn’t until near the end that we see the big picture. The author doesn’t try to give the reader clues..she gives them to the character and through her to us. I guess that’s the beauty of it and that is also why after the first half I wanted to give the book a rating between 2-3 because I was confused out of my mind.

The second part however is worth a million stars. Things start to finally make sense, things click and I can see how much Anna has really changed as a character.

One of the things I really loved about the book was the poems by Annaliese. They were so beautiful and talked about such real things. There was this one that really really got to me. They were also the one thing that urged me to read on when I felt lost after the first half.

The paranormal aspect of this book is *goes to look up a word that will convey what I am trying to say* *doesn’t find one* STUNNING. It’s unique. There are some people who turn to dust, who want to bite people (no not vampires or werewolves), traditional witches, creepy physicians (that’s what they call him, he could be the devil for all that they know about him), the perfect revenge, the perfect love (lust), special razors. I am not going to explain further, it’s definitely something you should read on your own.

The secondary characters consist of her parents, Dex, Logan and Gwen. Gwen isn’t a huge part of the novel. Usually that would bother me but this story focuses on how Anna puts together the pieces of her past and what she will do with that information. The little flash backs of Gwen and Annaliese bother me though, Annaliese was a horrible friend to Gwen and I guess that is the point, Annaliese was so wrapped up in Logan she forgot her friend. Anna apologizes and that really made me happy because she didn’t have to but she did.

Dex is one of the cutest males ever. He is kind of a geek-he loves videotaping stuff and he has the ability to know how people will die by looking at them. It’s changed him as a person, he cannot tell people how they will die and he cannot really do anything about it. He doesn’t want to see people die. This secret eats him from the inside. That’s why he and Annaliese are such a hit because they both have dirty secrets that kill them on the inside.

Their romance is also a great one (YAY two awesome romances within two weeks.. the other one was Grave Mercy if you are wondering). They trust each other and don’t keep secrets and become rocks for each other when shit gets tough. Tell me who wouldn’t love a couple like that?

The ending is just perfect and the way the author writes it even more so.

This book is great and as much as I’d recommend it to everyone I know everyone will not have the patience to read it but I ask that you try because this book is worth it.