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Apollyon by Jennifer Armentrout

Apollyon - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I am not exactly a fan of the series but because I love mythology and the kind of tension Jennifer creates I continue to read each installment.

One of the things I am really happy about in this installment was that she has finally moved away from Vampire Academy. This one is very original and we see Jennifer’s creativity come to life.

I think one of the main reasons I cannot enjoy this series is because I am not a fan of the main character. She is kick ass, mouthy and the Apollyon, why shouldn’t I like her? For starters sometimes she says the randomest things. They are fighting for their lives at one point and she is watching Aiden and the first thing that comes to her mind is how he is fighting like a bad ass ninja. It’s kind of awkward because it makes things seem kind of light but really.. you’re fighting, things are pretty damn serious at this point. Sometimes I just don’t get her word choice; there is this other time where she says that Aiden’s fighting skills are epic and graceful. Uhh yeahhh. I just don’t get it. The gods cuss. I am not saying that’s a bad thing but you know it’s not what I really expect from gods, it kind of makes you think of teenagers instead of gods that have been there since the dawn of time.

Aiden had a personality transplant in this book. It’s kind of creepy. I remember him as the guy who sulks a lot and is very serious about everything and it was kind of cute. In this book he becomes slightly cocky, flirts quite a bit and well he is just so different than he was in the previous books. It’s not a bad thing but I, for one, do not like it when a character changes completely overnight even if it’s for the good (although in this case it was neither).

The romance between Aiden and Alex, now that they no longer have to hide it, is cheesy and lacking the tension I enjoyed. Most people will find it cute but I am not most people. Again I sound like someone who isn’t a fan of romances and that’s not true. I love them, I just have certain expectations. For me, the perfect romance is when two people love each other but their duty still remains equally important. For them, it was almost if the world revolved around the two of them. Alex keeps thinking people are ready to throw lives away for her, and yes she realizes how self-centered that sounds-which I appreciate, but she tends to forget the big picture because she is so wrapped up in Aiden. They mention true love so many times, it’s kind of scary. I personally believe that if an author wishes to show that two characters are in love, the best way to do that is not repeat the fact that they are indeed in love, it makes me feel like the author is trying to shove that down our throats.

Another thing about their relationship that bothers me is that Alex keeps secrets from Aiden, it would have been better for the two of them if she hadn’t. They could have figured more things out together and it would have taken some of the pressure off of Alex and helped her make better decisions.

There is an interesting development with Ladaan when we find out she was secretly in love with Alex’s dad. It doesn’t get better than that does it? I am going to be very very pissed if Ladaan ends up with Alexander (we didn’t meet him in this book sadly and I was actually looking forward to that) but it seems like it might happen.

I wish we got to see more of Deacan and Luke’s relationship. They are so cute.

Apollo was my favorite character, he has the best timing and always makes me laugh, I guess one of the reasons I love him is because he annoys Alex and Aiden. Those moments are always the best.

The funny thing is that I didn’t realize how much I would miss Seth in this installment, when I heard he wouldn’t be present in this one I was really happy because I wasn’t a huge fan but Seth always spiced things up even if I hate his mommy issues. I still think that’s unjustified, even if someone is seeking approval and love and does awful things, I am willing to forgive to a certain extent until things go too far. With Seth they did. Nevertheless I look forward to reuniting with him in the last book.

As for the plot, there wasn’t a lot going on until quite a bit in the book, there were things happening but not the kind of action and mystery that was present in the other books.

Now I patiently await the last book in the series with the pretty cover. Let us hope the conclusion is satisfying.

*drum roll*