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Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson

Losing Lila - Sarah Alderson

Actual rating 4.5


YAY *jumps up and down*. This was even better, unlike tons of other disappointing sequels I’ve read. It’s so hard to say something about a book you love. It’s like someone asking you what’s your favorite song, when they ask you forget every single song you’ve ever heard. The same goes for me when I am trying to write some sort of review for a book I abso-freaking-lutely loved. However I will attempt to put together something.

This is filled with action right from the first chapter, we aren’t given a single break to catch our breaths or to calm down after all the events of the last book (well most people had an year to do that, I had a few hours). 

This time though, they are on the run right from the start, the things they do while on the run are so awesome, they get mixed up with the mafia down south. It was so fun reading the kinds of messes they got into and the solutions they had for each of the problems.
Lila showed definite growth in this one, while in the first one, although she was smart, she wasn’t taking much into her own hands, this time though, she found quite few answers and I am happy to say she wasn’t swooning over Alex as much (more like obsessing), but then again who can blame her? Yes there were a few times I wanted to smack her but I understood why she did what she did, under most of those situations I wouldn’t be thinking clearly either.

In this book, we are finally introduced to the father, in the last book he was more of a mysterious figure. I am happy to report that he isn’t in fact a crappy parental figure. He worries, does what he thinks is right for his kids and he loves them. From what we know about him, we know he become very lost after the death of the mother (of course she isn’t dead as we suspected earlier but he doesn’t know this), one would assume that he wouldn’t care about his children as much or ignore them but this is hardly the case. Lila may not think he is the best father ever but you can see her love for him, she wants to protect her father just as much as he her.

Oh and umm thankfully no relationship problems between Alex and Lila of course their relationship by no means is perfect but I guess that’s what I love. Alex can be overprotective but not in a possessive way (thank god for that). He was also a bit insecure which bothered me but not too much. I guess if they had SOME communication issues but it didn’t affect their overall goal, Lila didn’t drop down and stop.
Oh and Nate and Suki were awesome, always saying the funniest things to lighten the mood. I loved every single character, which is kind of a surprise, I usually find a character I don’t like that most people probably like.

I feel so sad now that I am finally finished with this series. I keep on trying to find books that are similar but I cannot, I’ve been searching for a while now. Maybe someday my quest will be complete. 

I am now officially a Sarah Alderson addict. I need to hunt down Fated and read it because if it’s anything like these series, I needs it.