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Flat-Out Matt by Jessica Park

Flat-Out Matt (Flat-Out Love, #1.5) - Jessica Park

So a few weeks ago I found out there was going to be a short novella that basically had a bunch of chapters from Matt’s point of view plus a bonus chapter. I was so damn excited. I loved Flat-Out love and to find out one of my favorite books from last year had a novella was just (insert word here that justifies my feelings).I must say though this isn’t what I expected from this novella. I was hoping that it would be light and funny. It wasn’t. It broke my heart a hundred times over.


I knew from Flat-Out Love that Matt didn’t have it easy. I just didn’t know how freaking unfair things were for him.Seeing things happen from his pov was just heartbreaking. To learn how tough it was on him and how he never got his chance to grieve. To learn that his parents left him to deal with everything. It hurt. A lot.


I think despite this Park never portrays his parents as particularly bad which I can appreciate; she shows the family as what they are, dysfunctional. I really do love Matt in this, not just as a character but as a narrator. These little chapters could have been easily messed up, he could have been a love sick character and could have annoyed the hell out of me but he didn’t. He was a person with tons of problems, he was confused.


All fans of Flat-Out Love need to read this. Like now.


P.S. I just realized..the title is connected by hinges. I GET IT NOW.