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Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly

Angel Burn  - L.A. Weatherly

This book is a perfect example of a good idea gone wrong. I loved how the Angels are evil and when I say evil, I don’t mean it lightly but like Angels who don’t give a shit about humans and treat them like cattle. It’s so different from what you would usually find in other Angel books, where Angels tend to be good. Kind of like in Angelfall but in this case it’s a choice. In Angelfall the Angels are required to destroy Earth by a higher power so yeah but in this case they take great pleasure in their treatment of humans. I love how this book makes it seem more like that Angels are creatures from another dimension instead of the whole religious aspect (that gets annoying from time to time).

I could have and would have given this book more stars if the romance wasn't so damn corny! When there were more important things going on, the only thing going on the minds of these two were how much they loved each other. SERIOUSLY? I like romance but hell I don’t enjoy love declarations within knowing each other for a few days. That gets on my nerves. It isn’t realistic. Life cannot revolve around one person. It doesn’t work that way.

Aside from that it has also come to my notice that the sequel has a love triangle so I won’t be continuing the series. If you make love declarations to one person what the hell are you doing with another?

I recommend this book to everyone who can put overlook the silly romance because it does happen to be a good book, the writing is great and so are the characters (when they aren’t swooning over one another) and the plot is really good.