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Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Deity  - Jennifer L. Armentrout

(not all of the stuff in this rant is from this book I may bring up stuff from previous books)
I am so tired of cliches. Also why is Aiden always the only thing on her mind. No matter how many times she says she cares about others it's obvious her freaking world revolves around Aiden. Their relationship isn't even cute. It's about two horny people who cannot control their hormones. They cannot be in the same room without wanting to rip each other's clothes off so how can they actually fall in love because what the hell do they think about except wanting to give in to their hormones.
Seth Seth Seth, I kinda liked him in the last book but I always thought he was fishy but I didn't thing Jennifer would make him this pathetic. Really? Mommy issues=giving in to people who pretend to love you. Wow. Also the whole Alex Seth thing, that's pathetic as well. It shows how desperate Alex is. AND WHY THE HELL CANNOT SHE CONFRONT SETH??? She says she is going to kill him but SHE NEVER GODDAMN ASKS HIM ANYTHING!
And then she keeps on going on and on about how he isn't the one at fault blah blah blah. UGH!
okay rant over.
Aside from all the problems above I gave this book a 3 because there is finally some good mythology. 

What's even worse is that despite everything I say, I am addicted. I am waiting for the sequel, eagerly.