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Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder - Marissa Meyer

When I first saw this book I was super excited I mean books from a cyborgs POV are kinda rare but as I read more about it I realized it's a Cinderella retelling. I didn't want a stupid fairy tale. When you think of those fairy tales you loved as a kid you realize how pathetic the girls were at times and how they were looked down upon in so many of the stories. All they ever did was be pretty. So I decided I probably wouldn't read this book because if the main character was going to be a whiny little girl, I had no interest what so ever. There are enough of those kind of books out there. Sometimes I'd come back to this anyway because of the pretty cover because I secretly hoped I was wrong and that this book would be super awesome. I read some reviews and I finally made up my mind to read the book. I think I kinda hate myself for putting it off for so long. Although this gives me the advantage of having to wait less time for the second book.
This book is my kind of book, it has a bit of sci fic but in the sense of fancy technology, it has awesome world building and that's saying a lot because I usually don't pay that much attention to it. I was so amazed by the world Marissa had build, I kept on imagining the other aspects of it and wanted to learn so much more about it. I think the best part of this book was the main character, Cinder. She is one of the best female leads ever. I think this because you know for her it isn't about the one guy. She may like him but she has lots of other things on her mind, she has her priorities set. She isn't going to change things because of a guy, it takes more than that to change her mind. Okay I make it sound like the guy sucks but he doesn't either. I think he is almost as awesome as Cinder. I don't like some of the decisions he made but they weren't made for selfish reasons so I cannot get mad at him for that. I really didn't know what to expect from Prince Kai when I started the book, but the opening scene changed whatever I could have though about him. Oh and don't forget IKO!! The awesomest robot ever built.
I think i could go on and on gushing about every single detail of the book but Merissa really did do a fantastic job, she combined elements of the original Cinderella story and the way she used them in her own story is so creative. When you realize what she has done it's like BAM! OH OMG THAT PART! :O