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Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

Nevermore - Kelly Creagh

“You're a dream. Like everything else.” 

It's been ages since I've finished this book and I still don't know what to say. I don't think anything I can say for this book will be enough. 

This is one of the most unique paranormals I've read. You've got all sorts of Pnr out there but what about books where people create creepy worlds with their creativity. This is one creepy book but I love it. The world building is amazing. It's so ORIGINAL!. Why don't we have more stuff like this out there? Our minds our powerful things and sometimes the creepiest things live there. The author has a great concept (I've said that already I know).
I remember when I first saw the summary I rolled my eyes. A cheerleader and a emo guy. How perfect? *sarcasm* But I added it anyway because I had yet to read one where that happened. I unlike a lot of people didn't run into a lot of books that went along those lines so the idea wasn't cliche to me yet. It took me a few months to finally read it. THERE IS NOTHING cliche about their relationship. Or for that fact any of the ones in the book. It has always annoyed me how in YA parents are either absent or they suck and well friends suck as well. Why cannot there be good relationships in YA. Why must the guy be the girl's savior? WHY?

I love how the author takes it slow with the relationship. The girl doesn't wake up one day and decide that she loves the guy thank god for that 

It develops slowly, from hate to being okay with them to like to love. This kind of development doesn't only happen on the girl's side, it also happens with Varen. No Varen hasn't secretly loved her for a long time or any other things that happen these days in YA. He dislikes her because she is popular.

And no he isn't a bad guy. He is never outright rude to her. It's more like Isobel thinking he is and you can see it. He isn't a broken bad boy who is an ass. He may be broken but he doesn't take it out on other people which I admire.

Yeah I think Varen's awesomeness is one of the main reasons I love the book. How can someone read this book and NOT love Varen? He is one of the most original male characters in YA. 

I think the character development is also amazing. The girl finally decides that her popular friends suck. Her boyfriend is too overprotective so even though it hurts her she turns against them and starts hanging out with Gwen. (Gwen's awesomeness must also be mentioned but we don't see as much of it in this book as we do in the next book so I won't talk about it because I'll probably end up spoiling the next book).

I cannot think normally for too long when I think about this book because thinking about it always brings a rush of emotions. I really do love this one and at the same time I wish it were nicer to me. It loved me more and wouldn't be so mean.

Now I am just rambling. I should shut up.