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Barrons Alternative Point.

The Alpha Alternative: JZB Sex Scene - Karen Marie Moning

I cannot really rate this because I'd feel awkward.

Although I CAN say this. This is one of the only extra's written from a male POV that I actually liked. Mostly the guys just sound girly in extras, they seem too 2D. But I loved Barrons' voice. It made you laugh. I love how the author made him write a note to us. Like you know it just sounds so much like how I imagined Barrons would sound. I think I can also imagine how hard it would have been for the author to write something from his POV and make it sound like it's really Barrons. We know he is a bad boy but we also know that he isn't a "OMG I am so broken so I'll just be horrible bad boy". I shouldn't be calling him a boy. He isn't one but you get the point. He is bad and he knows it. He wants you to know it as well.

"You think to discover in me a vein of vulnerability, a marbling of sensitivity glimpsed only by you because you’re special, so you can proclaim,“Look, Barrons’ torturous past has made him a monster but only because he’s suffered so much. It’s understandable that he lives by no law but his own—a violent, bloody,conscienceless law—but the healing power of my love will restore his demolished humanity!”Restore means to return a thing that was taken. Mine was not. Make of that what you will."