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Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris

Unravelling (Unravelling, #1) - Elizabeth Norris

This was a rather interesting book. I really wanted to give it a five but the ending was such that I didn't think this book deserved the 5. This book has exactly what I wish author's would write about more, multiverses. When I started it, I thought it was more of a paranormal but it was actually sci fi through and through. As a sci fic geek this is totally my book in that way and to add to that it had s mystery (murder to be particular). Because I also love it when people solve crimes, this was the perfect package for me. The characters were lovable and despite their flaws you cannot help loving every bit. My favorite character though was Alex. He is such a loyal friend and I love the relationship between the two. I am glad that despite their friendship there isn't a love triangle situation. Hence Alex became my favorite character. I love his determination and how he is close to Janelle's father. I am glad that despite what his mother says he is going to do what he wants. Really he is a clever guy and Janelle is absolutely lucky to have him. Then you have Janelle. She is a brilliant main character. I love how she cares for her brother and her father and I love the relationship between the three. They may not be the picture perfect family but they still find ways to be with each other and have fun. I guess my only problem was the relationship between Ben and Janelle. Don't get me wrong, I love Ben, it's just that I believe that there wasn't enough time for the relationship to develop. We know that Ben has always liked her but how does Janelle like him all of a sudden? But they do make a cute couple.

My only other problem was how her father died. It was rather a waste of a good character. I guess the point wasn't to make the reason for the death super serious but I was rather disappointed, if he had died I wish it had been for a better reason and not an accident. And despite the fact that her father had just died the author feels that she should kill Alex as well. His death absolutely destroyed me. I didn't want to read the sequel because of it but I guess I cannot just give up on this amazing series just because of that. But can you blame me for being heart broken about his death?