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Raw Blue by Kristy Eagar

Raw Blue - Kirsty Eagar

I'd like to give this a higher rating but I cannot. It probably does deserve a higher rating but I never felt the spark, I couldn't connect. There was no revelation or something. I guess we know what this book was about but really... I don't know.
Is it about what happened to her?
Is it about her situation with her family?
Is it about her relationship with Ryan?

I was annoyed with her whole take on the rape. I think the author doesn't exactly overdo it because I think that's what happens to most victims. They go into this state of messedupness (it isn't a word but you get the point). But this book doesn't give much hope. It's so bleak until the very end and even then I am not sure. I wish there was more going on. I wish she had resolved family issues. I also wish her family didn't suck but what can I do about that?
I think Ryan's and Carly's relationship wasn't all that great either. I mean I was hoping to see more of them. More of him trying to help her come in terms with what happened. But none of that happened. I am also not sure how they ended up sleeping together but ah well.
I think one of the more disappointing parts about their relationship how she reacted to Ryan knowing. I think it was completely unfair how she ignored him. I don't think she deserved him. Maybe I am overreacting but how does one expect me to be okay with it? Here is this guy who is trying to break through to her. He doesn't even ask questions, doesn't push her or anything and he tries to be there but she doesn't let him.
I think the ending was somewhat satisfying although I was hoping (view spoiler).
I am sad right now because I have this huge standards for Aussie writers and well I am disappointed because I expected so much when going into this book. I read Easy a while back and it deals with the same issues and in that book you see the main character trying to do something. I guess this book was technically better but Easy gets bonus points for entertainment, for being more easy to read (no pun intended) and not making me feel so depressed.