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Elixir by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Elixir - Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is mostly a rant no offense intended to anyone 
Aiden is rather impatient and there is a huge confusion about their age difference. From what Aiden said it seems like two years but from the fact that she is 18 and he is 21 it seems as though it is 3. 
VA comparison:
Dimka would have been a lot calmer at wouldn't have yelled at his own family members and threatened to kill them.
Hell that was rude. real rude.
Also random thought
I don't get team Seth at all. He tried to kill her and he still wants to drain her.. he is doing everything he can to hurt her and yet there is still a team Seth. There have been glances to his good side but is that enough to cancel out everything else he has done? They say that he had childhood issues therefore was easily influenced by the actual bad guy. Okay so that excuses the fact that he murdered innocents? I think that if he had a moral compass he would have realized that. But I don't blame him for that I blame Jennifer. I am surprised by the drastic change in his character. I mean I knew there was a lot more to him.. I just didn't think the author would make him that pathetic. That's like the easy way out.
However, I don't think I'll ever understand the appeal of the bad guy. There are the badass guys and the bad guys, I think we should know where to draw the line because if people seriously find the idea of getting their very being drained out by a guy sexy they must have serious issues.
Rant finished.
Also Seth will never be as awesome as Adrian.
now i am annoyed with myself. Ugh.