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Timeless by Alexandra Monir

Timeless - Alexandra Monir

I read this book because of this one review I had read. It was a reviewer I followed and well since she had given it 5 stars and written such a good review for it I though i should read it.


I was looking for a good romance, after reading so many unreleastic teen romances, I needed characters to have the spark. 

Even then I didn't expect a lot when I went into the book, much less to come out with my brain fried.

Writing the review approximately 2 months after reading it I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

Alexandra Monir is a genius. I had wanted to read this book for the romance but I ended up enjoying the whole time travel concept equally. 

Monir has a different approach to time travel and for that I am glad. I am so fed up with people always complaining about how traveling back in time will change something in the present blah blah blah. But here it's about Michele helping out her ancestors. It's how her help led to the things as they are in the present and that itself is such a unique concept. The way Monir connects everything and brings it all together like a puzzle makes it so unique. There are still some pieces that are missing or don't fit but I guess that's what Timekeeper is for.

Moving on to our main character. I loved Michele. I absolutely loved her. I loved how brave she was and how she was willing to let Philip go even seeing how much it hurt me. I really didn't think she would be that strong when I started the book. Like I said before I was vary of the book when I had started reading. But Michele proved to be a lot more than a love sick teenager. She had so much going on and she figured out so many things. I love her for her determination and her will to do the right thing.

Now moving on to our love interest, Philip.

I am not going to say anything about him. Just 4 words. They should get my point across.



The ending of the book isn't necessarily like the cliff hanger people make it out to be. It could be viewed as a happy ending were the book a stand alone but if you read the synopsis to the sequel, Timekeeper, that's when the ending becomes a cliff hanger and that's why I cannot freaking wait for the book to be out. I need it so bad because there are so many questions in my mind that need to be answered.