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Opal by Jennifer L. Armetrout

Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I am confused. There was a time when i loved this series and i would have loved a book like this but i suppose things do change.
Since the release of Onyx and the release of Opal I've read different kinds of books each changing me in another way.
Now i sit here and Opal isn't a good book for me. Just a really good guilty pleasure. Something to read on a rainy day.
I suppose most people will love it, its good and interesting but really i am annoyed. The ending annoys me, not because its a cliff hanger, we know that he will come back for her and save her . It annoys me because well i was hoping that some author wouldn't play that sort of game with us. Why is it always the female who ends up like that (the feminist me arises)? Aside for that i am also pissed about the Blake thing. On one hand i am happy that Katy didn't have any conflicting feelings, but is so much hate good?. And Blake, i wished Jennifer hadn't made him the bad guy. i really wish she hadn't, because i understood him, i really did, and here she decides to make him the bad guy once again. ] Its like nothing has changed between the last book and this book, they are back at square one.
And Katy, most people would say she was stronger but her JEALOUSY! hell its annoying and sometimes she acts like SUCH A GIRL! (feminist me very annoyed) And Daemon he is seriously hot at times and at others i really want to smack him, like WHAT THE HELL?? Whats up with the whole damsel in distress thing?
I do make this sound like a bad book, in fact right now i am wondering about the rating i gave the book but it isn't bad. It just isn't my cup of tea. I probably will read the next book but i don't know anymore. I sincerely hope that Origin is better.  i am also wondering if its going to have 2 pov's seeing how Katy is going to be stuck there and if it isn't then what the hell is going to happen? 
Me not happy right now. I though venting would help, i feel more annoyed now after reflecting on the book? where the others like this?? i think i should go re-rate them or maybe not.