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Significance by Shelley Crane

Significance: A Significance Series Novel - Shelly Crane

This book isn't bad but it just isn't for me.
I had too many issues with it. my biggest being Maggie. How can she be so crazy over a guy and well be mean to everyone else for not loving him. How can she think her brother is annoying for not liking the guy. Hell it would be weird if he was all cool with it! Same goes for her reaction to Kyle. 

and how in hell is caleb so perfect. He has no freaking flaw!!! i cannot stand over the top perfect people!!

Oh and umm the whole maggie jumping grades.. then how was she friends with Beck since 2nd grade or something and how did she hang out with Kyle in kindergarden. Makes no sense.

Okay too much complaining.. i think its actually a very good idea.. its just it could have been so much better.

It reminded me of twilight at times.. all though Maggie was a lot more umm..independent. 

Oh well.