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Dark Companion by Marta Acosta

Dark Companion - Marta Acosta

*happy sigh*

Its so good to read a book that leaves you with a satisfying ending. These days you will have series where the authors will end on a serious cliffhanger or if they are stand alones sometimes the endings will either be too cheesy or too open.

This is the kind of ending i want. Where things are resolved but the future isnt set in stone. 

This book was creepy at times but seriously it was an awesome type of creepy. It made you shudder but then you were like wow... authors are always writing about such cliche things why cannot they write about something like this?

And the characters. Sometimes I wanted to smack Jane but the things is i came to a realization that its not her fault that she was blinded at times. But I think what i loved most about her was her determination. She could be easily hurt but she didn't let people bring her down. She was her own person to rule.

i also loved all the side characters like Mary Violet.. she was hilarious.. made this book super awesome.

and then you also have the love interest.. it was like love at first site for me. The moment the author brings in him we know he is going to be hilariously awesome. You see you have jerks and you have funny guys who are funny in the serious way. He was funny in the serious way. The things he said totally made you think. As did the things Jane said.
With that said i cannot believe this book has a rating of 3.59. I would have given it a 5 if there was a little bit more to the mystery and paranormal aspect because this book was seriously worth my time.