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Scrapbook of my Revolution

Scrapbook of My Revolution - Amy Lynn Spitzley

I couldn’t enjoy this book, it had its moments but for me it just didn’t work out. One of the reasons for that could be that I’ve read a book that had the same idea and I loved it. It isn’t that popular so I am not sure I can claim that this was a rip off because it wasn’t, they just had similar ideas but there were different things going on.

One of the things that really bug me about this book is the main character. She is so obsessed with this idea of a revolution she forgets about the people who care about her. She doesn’t even realize that she is hurting them and then wonders what the hell is wrong. The idea is great but it just makes relating to her harder. I know that most people, at some point in their life have wanted to make a change but this girl takes it to a whole new level, to her it is more important than her parents and her friends and her relationships. She says this herself so it isn’t just a mere observation. As far as I know, no teen is that inspired. Sure she isn’t a normal teen but according to her the only difference between the Malians and the regular kids is their skin color.


I also dislike the idea of a bunch of teens saving the world. It doesn’t work for me. I do not believe that a bunch of teens can change the world, of course they can make a difference in their own community but they cannot make changes at a global level. That’s just unrealistic. Or maybe they can and I don’t realize it.

The relationships in this book are actually well developed; the only one that bothered me was the one between her and her parents. In the beginning she doesn’t have a lot of positive things to say about her relationship with her parents, I mean sure her parents are cool but they don’t understand her. It’s mostly her relationship with her mom though that gets ‘picked on’. But the thing that bothers me is the dramatic change in their relationship; I don’t really see any development so that is why it bothers me so much. It is almost like an overnight change.

The whole Malians thing was very disappointing. I am kind of a science geek so to not get any explanation about this ‘phenomena’ really annoys me. No one really knows how Malians came into existence, just that about 20 years ago, these kids with weird skin colors were born. There is no explanation and ‘science’ hasn’t been able to find one. I was kind of hoping some big secret would be revealed by the end but there was nothing. I don’t believe that in 20 years science in their world has found NOTHING what so over about Malians (of course with the exception of strong teeth, maybe they are tooth fairies… they are colorful and pweety and have strong teeth).

Aside from that, there isn’t much going on in the book, I mean it’s a revolution and there are some crazy regular guys attacking the Malians. I think this book could have been more interesting had it focused more on Johnny. I know revolutions aren’t always exciting and it takes time for things to happen but you know, I just wish there had been more because this idea is original, a lot could have been done with it.