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A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James

A Kiss at Midnight - Eloisa James

I was so disappointed by this book. I love re-tellings of Fairy Tales or Fairy Tales in general and the fact that this had a historical setting made me excited to dive into this book. 

Kate really bothered me a the beginning of the book. Her reaction to Victoria's situation and then comparing it to her step-mother's situation really made me think slut shamming. It bothered me how she was just being so judgmental and so prissy. I did warm up to her after a while. Especially near the end. But I feel like she could have been a whole lot stronger.

Gabriel is such a difficult character to comment on. While I found him (somewhat) appealing, I was also bothered by how shallow he could seem. His whole infatuation with Kate really did seem to stem from the fact that he couldn't have her and that she didn't like him and not because he liked her and found her amusing. Then he seemed to go all macho man when someone talked to her when they had barely talked to her. Also what kind of person tries to steal the bride of their nephew? As someone who took in everyone his brother threw out, I would definitely not expect something like this. 

Henry also somewhat bothered me. I really hated how it seemed as though she was still hung up on Kate's father. He was an asshole. Plus Leo seemed like such a good guy and was obviously in love with her. Other than that she was a fun character to read about even though there wasn't much else that defined her. 
I was also bothered by how MUCH Kate sympathised with her. I mean she was wishing that Henry and her father had had a real chance. Helloooo woman you wouldn't be alive if that had happened. And what about your mom? 

The plot was alright but there wasn't much to it and well it didn't reflect the original Cinderella tale that well. Plus it was so hard to believe that this was a fairy tale, there was no 'magical' element to it. Even a bit of magical realism would have been better, it just read more like a bad romance to me than anything else.

Honestly if you're looking for a Cinderella re-telling skip this and read Cinder instead, its a billion times better.