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Heart of the Raven

Heart of the Raven  - Joleene Naylor

I ended up reading this book without reading the other books in the series. Despite this I was actually able to follow the story and enjoy it. There is something to be said about a book that doesn’t require you to read the other books in the series and can stand on its own. Of course if I had had time to read the other books it would have helped me understand the world this book takes place in a whole lot better.

The opening of this book was really great. The author starts us off with the myth this book will revolve around. However even with the great opening, there were some parts in the book that weren’t so great and some parts that definitely made me jump up in excitement.

The characters are rather interesting, I liked some, I didn’t like some and some of them were fishy. My favorite character was definitely Verchiel, he’s funny and always helps lighten the mood. I am not exactly sure about what he did in the previous book to hurt Katelina but I think he really did feel bad about it. Neil is another one of my favorite characters because it’s so rare to see a vampire that is not sure of himself. They are always shown as strong and cocky. The fact that the author included a character like Neil makes the vampires seem like a whole other race instead of a bunch of evil creeps that sleep in coffins. 

I am not sure how I felt about our main character. She seems so dependent on Jorick but then there are those times she won’t take shit from anyone. She doesn’t just randomly go around making a bigger mess of things and actually does listen to what Jorick tells her to do in extreme situations. I don’t think it’s a bad thing for a character to listen to instructions if it’s going to end up saving them, I think it shows that they are smart. But again there are times when she sits around doing nothing waiting for Jorick to come and save the day. She also tends to make silly remarks which makes me question the fact that she is actually in her late 20’s (or so).

Jorick kind of annoys me. He is always bossing Katelina around and despite the fact that his girlfriend is a human he is always looking down on humans. He also cannot take a joke really well and is ready to beat the hell out of anyone who looks at Katelina the wrong way (this is an exaggeration of course). Even with my issues with Jorick, there are moments when he does shine, because he is kind of clever.

I am not sure I can comment on the world building because this being the 5th book, the author has already established that so there isn’t much for me to say.

The plot is interesting. As I’ve mentioned the opening of the book introduces us to the myth that this book will revolve around. We start off with Jorick and Katelina going to Munich to stand before the True Council and from there things get interesting. These guys are always on the run trying to figure out an ancient mystery and running away from the bad guys.

The ending is satisfying and the last few pages of the book… *fans self* *whew* so much action. After reading this book I definitely plan on picking up the previous books and maybe I’ll even try out the 6th book.

I think everyone should give this book a try.