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Shades of fucked up

Shades Of Twilight - Linda Howard

There is a reason why this book is getting such a low rating.
It scarred me for life and here I thought I was going to get brain candy.
I cannot even write a rant because I am so distressed.


But because I don't want people to be scarred for life like I was, I will tell you why this book got a horrible rating(this is not a spoiler).


One of the 'couples' in this book are a pair of Father and Daughter but the daughter does die (and I cannot tell you if the father does) so there is that.


When I say couple, yes, I DO mean that the two are banging each other, and not just banging but doing all kinky things you can imagine.


Let me also say she does this because she is turned on by how forbidden their relationship is and yes I do believe she led him on (she talks about how she rubbed her boobs against him and said 'daddy'). She does this to spite her husband who doesn't know she is cheating on him, That he unknowingly sleeps with such a fucked up piece of shit (that's what I am going to call her) makes her incredibly happy. 


I just cannot. I really cannot wrap my head around that.


Of course these two fucktards aren't the main couple but I don't care. I really don't. How can anyone expect me to enjoy the story with that going on? 


Oh did I mention after the fucked up piece of shit dies, the dad mourns her (not in a fatherly way) and talks about how they killed his beautiful little... (I don't remember, my mind blocked it out, it's preventing me from the Trauma, good mind.). 


Yeah that's all I have to say. 





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