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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

So I am 200 pages into the book and I've had a couple of random thoughts :P


-I love Kai

-When will he find out who she is?

-I love Kai

-ooo Wolf is cute

-Throne bahahahahahaha

-I love Kai

-Cinder better end up with Kai or else.......


(does anyone notice the recurring pattern of sorts?)


Yeah but this book keeps on getting better and better.....


and honestly I hope that the third book doesn't have Cinder, Scarlet and whatever the name of the female lead of Cress is because that would be one too many storylines to follow. Too many storylines would mean less time with Cinder and Kai (That storyline is my favorite okay?). Also I personally believe that the Cinder's storyline is at the center of the whole series so while the other books focus on other characters as well, its's HER story that drives the series.

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