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So my name is Rashika and I am weird. I read a lot (duh) and I watch a lot of TV. I also like to review. Check out my blog (where I co-blog with awesome people).

Day 12 and 13

I tried so hard to make sure I didn't skip a day but OF COURSE I ended up missing yesterday. IT WAS HALLOWEEN okay so I get a pass. I was way too busy procrastinating.


Day 12: A book you love but hate at the same point


This is actually pretty easy for me. The book that 'tops' that list is DEFINITELY 1984 for me.


I hated the book but I also loved it. It was just so goddamned depressing. It sucks the soul out of you. Honestly the thing is that I KNEW it wouldn't have a good ending but that didn't mean I didn't hope I was wrong, that I wished that in the end, this anti-hero character could beat the system. But of course that didn't happen.


Day 13: Your favorite writer


It's so hard for any reader to ever say who their favorite author is but honestly, I already know who I would say if someone asked me. I love tons of authors but Madeline L'Engle is special. In fact ... I even tried to hold a 'fast' on her 5th death anniversary. Of course as someone who loves food, I barely lasted through lunch and decided to give up and have dinner. 




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