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a vampire book i actually likedddd

Bloodshot - Cherie Priest

I shan't be writing a review but I will sum up the book as best as I can with my awesome skills

1. A kick ass main character who may or may not have OCD, is slightly neurotic, is definitely paranoid, is a thief and is well, PRETTY DAMN HILARIOUS

2. A drag queen who goes by the name Sister Rose who is ACTUALLY an ex- Navy Seal in hiding.

3. A non-love interest who happens to be blind and although he has to depend on people quite a bit, he is pretty strong character.

4. A plot that stars of slow but as soon as it speeds up, is full of awesome

5. NO ROMANCE which is why I said non-love interest because there probably will be a romance in the sequel.

This book gives me hope that someday I'll finally be able to overcome my fear of books that have vampires as characters.

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