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Me and Harry Potter, Reliving the Past

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  - J.K. Rowling

A day before the read along is 'scheduled' to take place (looks at cory) I figured I'd share my relationship with Harry Potter.


A 8 year old Rashika did not like Harry Potter. Her friend loved it and it was all she could ever talk about. Rashika was too cool for Harry Potter. She was above the hype. Except that somehow as the years went by, she learned tons of things about Harry Potter. Most of them spoilers about who got together with who and who died and who didn't. And they angered her because even she didn't know that while she hadn't read the book she somehow ended up shipping Harry and Hermoine. 


In 6th grade there had been a book fair and she ended up buying a Harry Potter book because it looked brand new and was pretty damn cheap. She tried reading it and was bored out of her mind. She didn't even realize that maybe she should have started with the 1st book instead of the 6th (Yes she had bought the 6th book without realizing it). So throughout her middle school years she kept on 'hating' on Harry Potter.


It wasn't until 9th grade that things changed. She had gotten the 1st book and it had been sitting on her shelves for an year. Her best friend at the time loved the series as well. She would tell Rashika stories of grandeur and awesomness. Rashika finally succumbed and read Harry Potter. She loved it. She didn't have the next books in the series but her friend did. So everyday for the next week she'd bang on her friend's door and ask her for the next book. She couldn't get enough. She would sneak the book in her lap during class and read it while her friend covered for her. And she fell in love with Harry Potter. 


Credits to Khanh for the idea.

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