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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  - J.K. Rowling



My copy is so nice and old :')
Anyways in the past week I watched the Harry Potter Improv vid and read a mini fan-fic (it was a para so I am not sure what to call it) about Sirius and Remus and I must say I am slightly tempted to ship them.

Let the reading begin




I am power reading. I have too many books to read all at once and NaNoWriMo is taking time away from me. Ugh. Now only if I could travel back in time... using the stopwatch :P





Malfoy is that you??
*Tackle hugs*




J.K. Rowling is an evil woman.
I refuse to read beyond the 4th book.
Everyone is still alive then right?
It's too heartbreaking getting reacquainted with this characters only to know that they.. that they... that they.. i cannot even say it.





Don't insult my house bitches :P
Slytherin is the best house there ever was

also I am starting to realize I never really did like Hermoine (and Ginny). Draco though.. :') the little shit.

and Hagrid!! Oh I missed him.
So much nostalgia




Oh yeah bitches we won the cup 6 years in a row.
Watchya gonna doooo???




I cannot.
Fuck I am worried I might burst into tears at some point.




Maybe I am just being heartless here (i am a slytherin after all) but did hermoine really expect people to like her with the way she is behaving? Being a know it all and all.




Curse you Rowling. Curse you.
How could you do that to Snape? Why? Why couldn't you have spared (well she did spare one-Hagrid) any characters I cared about? 

also.. this is my first re-read of the series which might explain why I am getting so emotional.




Doesn't it break your heart to know that it'll take 6 more books for them to find out that Snape in fact is a good guy?




Rowling really shouldn't have written this book, now all of the other houses know all of gryffindor's secrets.

Also. Screw you Gryffindor, we won and you know it.


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