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So my name is Rashika and I am weird. I read a lot (duh) and I watch a lot of TV. I also like to review. Check out my blog (where I co-blog with awesome people).

I read this for class....

Candide - Voltaire

So apparently most people in my class actually liked that ending?
Am I the only one who hoped that 

Cunegonde would be killed off for once and for all instead of coming back to life?

(show spoiler)

 because seriously she was a pain in the ass.

Candide himself wasn't much better. If I had to use one term to describe him it would be Mary Sue. Now keep in mind that he is actually a dude, I don't actually know a word that would suit him other than that. He had no backbone and was too naive for my liking.

I realize this is a satire but I felt like it went over the top at times. Like Voltaire keeps on pointing out this irrelevant things because he has a bone to pick with people. Really? 

Anywaysss it was boring but it had some funny parts too. Two words.
The monkeys

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